Hard Landscaping

 Whether you wish to create a relaxing atmosphere or a dramatic landscape, CCE-Surfacing offer a wide range of hard landscaping services for Urban, Residential, Traditional or Contemporary environments, that will allow you to develop your scheme from conception to completion.  We offer an extensive product range:

Aggregate/Gravel – Gravel Stabiliser

Gravel driveways are one of the most popular choices for driveways and hard landscaping in the UK. It’s cheap, easy to lay and looks good. There’s an immense choice of size, colour and texture, so it’s a good choice for temporary surfacing. The crunch of gravel under a car’s wheels is very satisfying and can also act as a defensive measure, alerting you to uninvited guests.

On the downside though, you can’t use it on a site that has any gradient to speak of and it needs regular top-up resurfacing, and can be tricky to keep in place. Gravel driveways will eventually bed down and become invaded by dust dirt and weeds. This process can be delayed by occasional maintenance, usually clearing weeds, spraying weed killer. A moulded plastic grid system made from a recycled material can be used to stabilize the gravel.

Modular Paving – images   Berrystede-006-300x225 (1)

The laying of paving blocks, whether stone, brick or flag, has been used worldwide for centuries. They often look spectacular and retain a genuine, traditional feel. The different patterns only add to the interest, and using the modern fabricated blocks gives almost limitless design choices. 

Modern technology has made it possible to manufacture concrete into pre-formed shapes, which are uniform and much cheaper to make than quarried or hand shaped products. Commonly still known as Flagstone or slab paving, other types are known as “Block” or “Tegula” paving. These products are seen around many of the new-build housing and commercial developments.

Asphalt/Tarmacadam – fenland1_preview1-300x186

A surfacing medium made from a by-product of the oil industry, remains the most widely used method of surfacing. It is versatile, easy to install, and large areas can be laid quickly and cost effectively. The range of tarmac products is vast, with different sizes, types and depths, all being used for a huge range of purposes. Tarmac has the advantage of being reasonably cheap to manufacture and can be installed virtually anywhere. It is flexible, and does not need to have expansion or contraction joints within the surface and can also withstand tremendous pressures from heavy vehicles. The surface will eventually become brittle, and start to crack after several years. It will still be serviceable for a number of years, but often it starts to break up soon after this oxidization has completed. Adding resin bound or bonded surfacing will prolong the life of the surface by many years.

The main disadvantage with tarmac is that it is generally black in colour, fine for a motorway or similar, but for a decorative appearance, is sometimes rather bland.


TarSpray & Chip – tar3-300x100

This method is currently used worldwide, often by Councils, who have a yearly budget, to maintain country roads and lanes. It is a cheap alternative and will need high maintenance. This work is both temperature and weather critical; many factors have to be considered to ensure a really first rate job.


We provide all aspects of civil engineering ground works, which include:

  • Hard landscaping
  • Footpaths and  driveways
  • Tarmacadam laying works, tarmacadam repairs
  • Paving
  • Kerbing
  • Concrete bases, concrete repair works, stone slab laying & modular paving
  • Car park construction
  • Drainage construction: foul, surface, land, culverts
  • Sewer connections
  • Drainage repairs
  • Highways works and alterations
  • Fencing works
  • Underground storage tank construction and installation
  • Bollards
  • Cesspit and interceptor construction and installation
  • Lighting, post and rail, palisades, etc.
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Gate/gatepost installation
  • Flood alleviation
Hard landscaping
Hard Landscaping at The London Eye
Horatios Garden - Hard Landscaping
Hard Landscaping at The London Olympics
Hard Landscaping by CCE Surfacing
Hard Landscaping at Bramshott Place  by CCE Surfacing

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