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Gravel and Block paving

Gravel driveways are one of the most popular choices for driveways and hard landscaping in the UK. It’s cheap, easy to lay, low maintenance and looks good. There’s an immense choice of size, colour and texture, so it’s a good choice for resurfacing. The crunch of gravel under a car’s wheels is very satisfying and can also act as a defensive measure, alerting you to uninvited guests.

On the downside though, you can’t use it on a site that has any gradient to speak of and it needs regular top-up resurfacing, and can be tricky to keep in place. Gravel driveways will eventually bed down and become invaded by dust dirt and weeds. This process can be delayed by occasional maintenance, usually clearing weeds, spraying weed killer.


When choosing a loose gravel drive, it is vital to select the correct size and type of aggregate. Making an uniformed choice may result in the surfacing grinding itself to dry dust or a wet paste after prolonged vehicle use.  We will only recommend a hard aggregate, such as flint, which will give many years of heavy use.

Stabilised Gravel Solutuion 

Gravel Stabiliser

A moulded plastic grid system made from a recycled material. (SUDS compliant). Part of a natural porous paving system, which is used by adding gravel to the interlocking panels of hexagon cells. This solves the problems of aggregates sinking, migrating, and forming ruts, making it much more user-friendly to both pedestrians and vehicular traffic, as well as reducing scatter and drift problems.

Aggregates, or gravel, also make up the decorative finish of all resin surfacing. There is a wide range of aggregates on the market that can be successfully used  with both resin bonded and bound surfacing, but their correct choice is important as they display differing characteristics.

For example, when a high skid resistance is required, then one of the range of bauxite aggregates should be chosen; if the surfacing is purely for light pedestrian use, then a softer more decorative aggregate can be used.

Most of the aggregates we use are produced, mined or dredged, in the UK. However, some have to be imported; fortunately these, the more costly, are normally used only in very specialized areas.

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