Asphalt – Tarmacadam

Asphalt – Tarmacadam Installation Service.

A surfacing medium made from a by-product of the oil industry, remains the most widely used method of surfacing. It is versatile, easy to install, and large areas can be laid quickly and cost effectively. The range of tarmac products is vast, with different sizes, types and depths, all being used for a huge range of purposes.

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Tarmac has the advantage of being reasonably cheap to manufacture and can be installed virtually anywhere. It is flexible, and does not need to have expansion or contraction joints within the surface and can also withstand tremendous pressures from heavy vehicles.

The surface will eventually become brittle, and start to crack after several years. It will still be serviceable for a number of years, but often it starts to break up soon after this oxidization has completed. Adding resin bound or bonded surfacing will prolong the life of the surface by many years.

The main disadvantage with tarmac is that it is generally black in colour, fine for a motorway or similar, but for a decorative appearance, is sometimes rather bland.


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CCE Surfacing can offer coloured asphalt, or resin bound tarmac material in all colours and textures. Some of the more modern attempts at creating coloured asphalts have been very successful,  the finished product tends to be one even colour so care should be used when choosing.

By combining the superb properties of tarmac’s performance with our resin bonded and bound surfacing,  you get the best of both worlds, which reduces UV degradation and oxidization.  Tarmac provides a quick and simple surface, strong and flexible and the resin bonded and bound surfacing provides the beautiful aggregate finish that looks superb and has the benefits of low maintenance and a long lasting surface.

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