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twitt Tar Spray & Chip

Tar and Chip

This method is currently used worldwide, often by Councils, who have a yearly budget, to maintain country roads and lanes. It is a cheap alternative and will need high maintenance.

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The heated tar is sprayed onto the prepared surface and covered with the gravel. The natural adhesive properties of the bitumen ‘cement’ the gravel in place as it cools to form a durable wearing course.

This work is both temperature and weather critical; many factors have to be considered to ensure a really first rate job.

tar3 300x100 Tar Spray & Chip

Useful Life. The life of a ‘Tar & Chip’ surface will depend on a number of environmental factors.

Traction. In wet or snowy weather, the rough surface provides extra grip to foot or tyre.

Cost.Less durable than resin bonded surfacing, and would be more expensive to maintain, over a period of time.


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