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The cost of a resin surface depends on many factors. Fill in the details of your project to gain a rough estimate of the cost of a new resin surface. For a more accurate quote please request a no obligation site visit.



■ Rectangles

Measure the length and width of your drive and multiply to get your area. If the area is an uneven shape, chalk or mark out into 10m² and add up the totals.

◣ Triangles

Multiply the length of the longest side with the height and divide by 2.

● Circles

Calculate the radius by measuring the distance across, through the centre, divide by 2, multiply by itself and then multiply by Pi (3.1416).

Area by Car Spaces

Car SpacesIf it is not possible for you to measure, for a very rough area you could estimate how many average size cars you could comfortably park on your surface.

Surface Type

Resin Bound

A water permeable system where resin and natural aggregate are mixed on site, allowing for each stone to be coated in the resin.  The mixture is trowled onto the prepared area to create a smooth surface.

Resin Bonded

A non-permeable system where a coating of resin is spread evenly on the prepared surface.  The natural aggregate is then scattered to completely cover the resin.  Once cured, the excess stone is swept off to leave a rough textured surface.  Further sweeping is required annually to maintain.


All prices are excluding VAT

Rough estimate of surface cost – All in, site prep, materials and labour.

*Guide price only, to be confirmed by no obligation site visit.

The price of your surface will vary with the condition of your existing surface. In some cases we may be able to lay on your existing surface, thus reducing the cost of preliminary ground works.

Extra travel charges will be calculated into the overall price if the site is extraordinarily far from our HQ.