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Residential driveway, Cirencester
645m2 Resin Bound Cotswold
2-5mm Amber Gold Bonded
Sutton Under Brailes
Bound Surface

A resin surface can add a sophisticated, neat finish to any driveway, garden or patio area. We have a huge range of natural stone colours to match or compliment any property. 

If you think one of our decorative surfaces could be for you, we can send one of our senior Engineers to visit and carry out a site evaluation.  You can either come into our head office to choose the colour and texture from our range of samples, or we can post you some. 

If you can’t find the exact finish in our huge selection of samples, our experts will mix you a bespoke product to your exact specifications.


Any colour can be produced in either resin bound (the smooth, porous surface where the stone is mixed with the resin before laying) or resin bonded (the rough textured, non-slip surface where the stone is sprinkled on top of the resin).

If you are unsure what decorative finish you want to add to your surface we would be happy to lay the tarmac layer, which will provide a perfectly usable and attractive surface.  The decorative layer can then be laid at any point in the future.


We are happy to visit you, talk about your project, discuss costs and give advice; all without any obligation.