Wales – Cardiff castle

Cardiff Castle Battlements and Courtyard Resurfacing

Interpretation Centre, Cardiff Castle

CCE Surfacing were asked by Landcraft Projects Limited to undertake the resin bonded surfacing works at Cardiff Castle. We were asked to surface the battlements and the courtyards to the castle.

Work commenced with the sealing of the concrete surfaces of the Battlements with CCE Surfacing sealant. This surface was then laid with 1-3mm ‘Corn Flint’ resin bonded aggregate. It was a difficult remit, having to take all the materials up to the battlements, CCE soon “got stuck in” and surfaced approximately 1,976m2 around the Castle.

Next phase was to repair the old and damaged Tarmac in the courtyard; this would ensure that the heavily pedestrianised  areas would last much longer. The new Tarmac area was laid and sealed with an acrylic sealant. The same aggregate 1-3mm ‘Corn Flint’ was bonded in resin to an area of approximately 1,422m2.

At the same time a new area had been constructed by others called the “Interpretation Centre”. This also needed surface dressing. CCE Surfacing laid the 10mm open grade surface course (Tarmac), sealed again with the acrylic sealant and applied the 1-3mm Corn Flint aggregate to approximately 657m2.

The areas were swept and the Castle opened to the public with the works complete and on time.