Maintenance for Resin Bonded Surfacing



To Vehicular and Pedestrian Areas

A mechanical sweep or hand sweep is required after the initial installation.

A further mechanical or hand sweep may be required (3-6 months after the initial sweep which would be carried out by CCE Surfacing).  The brushes should not be metal.

Periodically thereafter, a visual examination by the client, will ascertain if any further sweeping is required. It is important that very little excess aggregate is allowed to accumulate on the surface.

It is important that no loose aggregate remains as this will result in the bonded gravel splitting and working out of the resin, which will result in degeneration of the surface and will negate any guarantee.


Oil, dirt and most other stains 

Apply “Fairy Liquid /Gunk” neat to the surface using a stiff brush. Allow to penetrate for 10 minutes then pressure wash from surface.

If the staining is more persistent, we recommend that the client contacts CCE Surfacing for a cleaning regime.

Algae/Moss growth

Apply a mild Herbicide solution. Allow to work for recommended time and brush off. The surface may be lightly pressure washed.

Care should be taken however to prevent damage to the surface with excessive water pressure (up to 150 bar rating).  Only cold water should be used, and the water lance should be kept at least 300mm from the surface.

Chewing gum

Obtain a “Gum Remover” and apply as per manufacturer’s instructions.