CCE ‘Resinset’ Resin Bound System

resin bound

A smooth, modern finish (less textured than resin bonded), that has become a very popular choice with both our Commercial and Residential Clients.”

This system is mixed on site and cold applied, using our high quality CCE ‘Resinset’ resin binder, to coat the aggregate. The Resin and Aggregates are thoroughly mixed together prior to laying – ensuring that the aggregate is completely coated and so providing a totally bound surface. As a result, a resin bound surface is more durable and requires less maintenance – ideally, it needs to be swept or power washed, at least twice a year, to avoid the build-up of detritus and prevent the growth of moss or algae.

Resin bound paving is a fully permeable paving solution which allows water to freely drain through the surface. Meeting the requirements of Sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) standards, this helps to prevent standing water and largely eliminates surface water run-off. 

A beautiful Resin Bound Drive by CCE Surfacing

Resin Bound Surface by CCE Surfacing

The perfect finishing touch to your Courtyard

Domestic and Commercial applications include:

Car Parks, Driveways, Pathways, Patios, Disabled Access, Swimming Pool Surrounds, Parks and Gardens, Tree-Pits, Heritage Sites, Sporting Venues, Landscaping Works and all prestigious new and regeneration projects.

Features include:

  • A beautiful, natural looking surface.
  • Environmentally friendly – the permeability of CCE ‘Resinset’ resin bound surfacing, allows water to drain through the surface, leaving no puddles.
  • Extremely durable.
  • A wide range of colours, using Natural Stone.
  • Local Authority Drainage Compliant, Permeable system – can be used as part of ‘SUDS(Sustainable Urban Drainage System).
  • Low maintenance, no sweeping is required. Can be jet washed to remove staining if needed. With interior surfaces a “Wet-Vac” is recommend. (See Maintenance section).
  • Weed resistant.
  • A choice of design mixes available. Samples available on request. If you have an idea for a “mix” we will be delighted to advise and to offer you a bespoke surface. Choose from a wide selection of naturally sourced gravel, quartz and crushed granite aggregates.
  • An ideal surface for wheelchairs, and disabled access. 

Environmental policies are important to us and we ensure that the resins we use are formulated to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The oils, formulated in the resins, are from renewable sources. The resin bound system is SUDS compliant (Sustainable Urban Drainage system). We are always on hand to advise, and answer any queries with regards to our services.

(Under new legislation, planning permission is now required for paving areas over 5 square metres unless the paving to be used is permeable. CCE ‘Resinset’ Resin Bound system is the perfect solution, as no planning permission is needed if this surface is used)

CCE Surfacing will supply and install all your surfacing needs.

We use our own teams, directly employed by us, throughout the UK.

Our service is second to none. 


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