Rubber Crumb Resin Surfacing



A resin bound rubber crumb surface is a blended mix of rubber granules bound together with a single part polyurethane resin, having been mixed on site in a specialist mixer and laid on an existing suitable; or specially prepared bases, to provide a virtually continuous surfacing. It is most commonly installed as a two layer system with the wearing course, always normally being a nominal depth of 15mm, with the ‘shock pad’ base depth being variable to meet with the CFH requirements of any play equipment.
Rubber Crumb surfaces are manufactured using recycled tyres and thus are very environmentally friendly.
It is available in a wide variety of colours and patterns and can be applied to almost any area to make a seamless, smooth, and porous surface.
Rubber crumb is the ideal surface product for any area where there is a risk of falling, particularly when used by young children or the elderly.
The finished surface is highly resistant to rust, oil, corrosion, salt or cracking due to changes in temperature.
Rubber Crumb Surfaces are suitable for a wide variety of uses including:
  • Children’s play areas
  • School sports areas
  • Athletic tracks
  • Tennis & Basketball courts
  • Golf tee-off areas
  • Garden paths
  • Boat deck surfaces


One of the safest surfacing types available

Usable in all weathers

Fast draining

Resistant to abrasion, indentation, slipping, ignition

Vandal resistant

Extremely durable and cost effective.

Following recent legislation, Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) is close to becoming mandatory and permeable paving the norm for all hard surfacing requirements.
The ‘sub-base’ is replaced with a ‘rubber crumb’ material, made from recycled car tyres, which is topped with a resin and aggregate top layer.
This system prevents flash flooding, by holding the water in the voids around the rubber, until the water can be absorbed into the ground. This method also reduces the risk of standing water. As this system is porous, water is able to freeze and contract without causing damage.
Using this system, can give a landscaping project several BREEAM credits.


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